Application manuals

While pyFAI was first developped as a Python library to be used by developers, it evolved with applications allowing to analyse a full diffraction experiment without knowing anything about Python. Those scripts can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Pre-processing tools which prepare a dataset for the calibration tool, i.e. produce one image suitable for calibration.
  • Calibration tools which aim at the determination of the geometry of the experimental setup using Debye-Scherrer rings of a reference compound (or calibrant). They produce a PONI-file which contains this geometry
  • Integration tools which can reduce a full dataset using 1d or 2d integration, optionnally rebuiling images.
Pre-processing tools:
  • pyFAI-average: tool for averaging/median/… filtering stacks of images (i.e. for dark current)
Calibration tools:
  • pyFAI-calib2: manually select the rings and refine the geometry
Azimuthal integration tools:
  • pyFAI-integrate: the graphical interface for integration (GUI)
  • diff_map: diffraction imaging tool (command line and GUI)